VAT API - Version 2 is Launched

Published: April 1, 2019


VAT API - Version 1 was created in late 2014 in preperation for the introduction of the change in supply rules that were introduced on Jan 1st 2015 affecting Telecoms, Broadcasting and Electronically(TBE) supplied services.

Today we have launched a greatly improved Version 2 of the api, this has been many months in the works, we've completely re-written the codebase and documentation, improved every detail of the api and the infrastructure it runs on. Subscription pricing and the number of plans on offer has been simplified and we've increased the amount of throughput allocated to each plan. The Tier 1 plan also inclues a 30 day FREE trial allowing businesses to test the api to see if it meets their needs.

Due to the comprehensive changes to the api we were not able to provide backwards compatibility, we felt it more important to structure our vat rate data to better accomodate future changes in EU legislation that look likely to take place, and with the uncertainty over Brexit our VAT Validation resource is now future proofed should the EU Commission remove the ability to validate UK vat numbers in future.

VAT API was the first service of it's kind in the marketplace, we continue to lead the space, we look forward to onboarding you as a customer.