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     “status” : 200,
     “message” : “Success”,
     “country_code” : “GB”,
     “vat_number” : 333289454,
     “requester_country_code” : “GB”,
     “requester_vat_number” : 289111588,
     “validation” : {
          “status” : “OK”,
          “fault_string” : null,
          “valid” : true,
          “request_date” : “2021-04-01+12:00”,
          “consultation_number” : "lqO-nDR-fXN",
          “consultation_authority” : “UK HMRC”,
          “company_name” : “BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION”
          “company_address” : “BC0 B1 D1 BROADCAST CENTRE W12 7TP

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Use Cases


Using VAT API businesses all over the world can be sure they are applying the correct VAT rate for their EU customers when supplying Telecommunication, Broadcasting or Electronic (TBE) services. Irrespective of where your business is located in the world you are legally required to apply the appropriate EU VAT rate for the country of the customer. TBE explanatory notes are a good starting point to understand your obligations

Physical Goods

Currently within the EU when supplying physical goods the 'place of sale' rules apply. Using VAT API businesses within the EU can be sure they are applying the correct VAT rate by querying the API for the current VAT rate. On July 1st 2021 Cross-border VAT e-commerce is being modernised in the EU. Is your e-commerce business ready? Understand your legal obligations by reading the 'VAT for e-commerce' section on the EU Commission website.


Amazon Infrastructure

VAT API runs on Amazon servers and the Amazon API Gateway service, this provides the following benefits:

  • Security
  • Accurate API metrics
  • Performance at any scale
Fast & Scalable

Using Amazon Web Services results in fast api response times and it allows us to scale with ease, if required we can accommodate a very large number of API requests per month and can provide customers with a custom endpoint if required for example:

Stable Mature Service

As the first API of it's kind launched in 2015 VAT API's 5 year track record of stable service is evident by the raft of businesses that rely on it. Recent investment in tech means we can support a much greater number of customers and Version 2 of the API is now live delivering further features and benefits.

Optimized Global Service

Connect to Global or EU endpoints dependent on your integration location.

Dev Friendly Docs

API documentation is a Postman collection allowing rapid API testing and integration.


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Our VAT rate resource returns the current VAT rates that apply to EU member state countries. By specifying 'TBE' or 'GOODS' in the request you are able to retrieve the rates that are appropriate to the supply of goods or services.

Customer Geolocation
A specific countries VAT rate can be checked by passing in a 2 digit ISO country code eg; IT for Italy, alternatively you can specify your customers IP address and our api will geolocate your customer and return the appropriate VAT rate for their country.
Validating VAT numbers in realtime is a useful way to determine if a customer is who they say they are, and is essential in determining if you're selling to a consumer i.e. a B2C transaction or business B2B.

VAT API connects directly to the European Commission VIES service to validate EU member state VAT numbers and as a result of Brexit the HMRC's new 'Check a VAT Number' API is now used to validate all UK VAT numbers.

Audit Ready
By optionally passing in your organisations own VAT number the VAT Validation resource will return a unique 'consultation_number' value to identify the request for audit purposes
VAT Compliant Invoicing
Our invoicing service has been developed strictly in accordance with the requirements for VAT compliant invoicing published by the UK tax authority HMRC.

Sequential Invoice Numbering
Invoice numbers can be set to start at a number of your choosing and will auto increment after each invoice creation, you are also able to set your own custom invoice number prefix this can help identify a particular customers invoices in future.

Multiple Trading Names
This useful feature allows an organisation to create invoices for multiple trading names they may operate by creating Invoice Settings which hold the core data related to the invoices issuing organisation.

GBP or EUR Equivalent Totals
If you invoice in a currency other than your own country you can specify GBP or EUR equivalent totals are shown on the invoice which satisfies HMRC's VAT record keeping requirements.

Invoice URL
The Create Invoice resource produces all the data necessary for you to render your own vat compliant invoice, or you can simply reference the 'invoice_url' value we provide in the response.
View an example:
Although this mainly applies to UK business it may apply to other EU member states. If you are invoicing in any other currency other than your local currency it is a requirement to show the converted VAT total amount in your local currency, read here for clarification.

Using the Conversion Rates resource you can retrieve all the current currency conversion rates that the HMRC and European Central Bank publish, and the Convert Currency resource allows you to easily convert amounts into GBP or EUR.


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