Service Information

Will the VAT API service be able to cope with a large number of API requests?

Yes. Simply put you will not find a comparable service, the infographic below illustrates our API's infrastructure. We can scale quickly and accommodate a large number of API requests.

How fast is the API? do you offer any metrics?

Version 1 of VAT API has ran since it's inception in early 2015 with fast consistent response times. There are some copycat services that will try and tell you their average api response times are under 15 milliseconds, this is in our opinion false advertising, we invite you to open a free account with these services and actually try and achieve those times, you won't because it's not possible. We don't make any claims as to what our average response times are, and we don't use meaningless words like 'lighting fast' as it can very much depend on the geographic location of your integration, all we'll say is we've tested our service against our competitors from various geographic locations and it is much faster. This is down to the fact Version 2 of VAT API runs solely on Amazon Web Services infrastructure and the comprehensive way in which we've engineered our service to out perform the competition.
Version 2 launched on April 1st 2019, with the move to Amazon Web Services this will allow us in future to chart actual average api response times on this page.

VAT Rate Data Sources

There is no official central 'guaranteed' source for vat rate data, it's tempting to think the EU Commission VAT Rates data would be guaranteed and accurate but in the 4 years we've been running our service we've found their data to be out of date on more than one occasion. VAT Live is a good source of EU VAT Rate data but we have also found it to publish incorrect data in the past, bottom line is neither can be relied on 100%. What we do is cross reference the aforementioned resources and the individual member state tax authorities to ensure the vat rate data we publish is accurate as possible, this is something we do manually on a monthly basis. Beware of inferior copycat services that simply scrape data from sites like VAT Live.

If you have any technical questions about our api, a quick read through our documentation first will most likely answer most questions, feel free to contact us if you require further information.